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08-08 09:01 Thank you very much.
08-06 15:55 I really like this site, glad it*s still active
08-05 12:38 I really like this site, reading through here and seeing other people*s comments and discussion
08-05 11:35 Xun yu
08-04 21:55 I would love to seek your advice and counsel for ThreeKingdoms.com
08-04 21:54 When the new features are up, where users can connect once again,
08-04 21:51 You are very welcome, MichaelK.
08-01 15:12 - MichaelK
08-01 15:11 So, Khang Nguyen [and whomever else is responsible]: thank you very much!
08-01 15:10 important details out but the gist of it is that threekingdoms.com makes ROT3K more accessible.
08-01 15:08 tremendous potential and is already a valuable informational resource. I feel I am leaving many...
08-01 15:06 ...enjoying its many features including the user notes. I believe that threekingdoms.com has...
08-01 15:04 ...the threekingdoms.com site was one I utilized frequently
08-01 15:03 It*s worth mentioning that before I discovered the Robert Moss unabridged translation...
08-01 15:02 ...the realm of the profound.
08-01 15:01 ...as well as a rousing piece of historical drama & more that it transcends the genre and enter into
08-01 14:59 ...material and companion works. In short, ROTK is a source of such knowledge in so many areas...
08-01 14:56 ...deeper and better informed and vastly more enjoyable as seen through the lens of the ROTK source
08-01 14:55 ...immediately to studying the Three Kingdoms and Water Margin in-depth so no each game is much...
08-01 14:54 which I ceased playing for several years and recently began rediscovering but this time gaming led..
08-01 14:52 ...and of course the KOEI ROTK, Bandit Kings of Ancient China [Water Margin], Nobunaga*s Ambition...
08-01 14:51 card games & so much more including the 2010 CCTV 3 Kingdoms series which I enjoy...
08-01 14:37 ...works including opera, TV series [direct adaptations & variety shows, even], manga, anime, &
08-01 14:35 ...massive extent to which ROTK has permeated E. Asian society, inspiring a plethora of related...
08-01 14:34 ...of deep value to offer all. And re: pop culture, imagine my thrilled delight at discovering the..
08-01 14:33 ...pop culture it inspired and most especially the ROTK ontology which as is said has something...
08-01 14:32 I deeply appreciate ROT3K & all it contains [multitudes] along with the companion scholarship &...
08-01 14:30 ...surrounding the 2nd century era from 6000 AD to d present but I*ll leave it at this:
08-01 14:28 I could pontificate on my recent ROT3K & related discoveries including my study of the history...
08-01 14:27 ...icon that is ROT3K, a title that continues to live and breathe for so many it*s amazing.
08-01 14:26 ...playing ROTK games that they would lead me down a deep rabbit hole of discovery into the cultural
08-01 14:24 ...land of the People of the Han but throughout East Asia to a profound extent. I*d had no idea...
08-01 14:23 ...and sooo much more. Was delighted to discover ROT3K is a huge cultural phenomenon not just in the
08-01 14:21 ...which led to studying a myriad of related subjects from the history of China to Confucianism
08-01 14:20 ...suddenly had time enough to renew my study of ROT3K in-depth...
08-01 14:19 Went on to play every version of KOEI*s ROTK games & after falling ill late last year...
08-01 14:18 ... from librarian to read 3K from the closed stacks which, back in the 80*s, was d only place lol
08-01 14:17 And it all began years ago, enjoying the 1st KOEI ROTK game on NES then requesting permission...
08-01 14:15 And of course the various movies, TV series, anime + Water Margin & more -MK
08-01 14:14 Since then, have gotten steadily more into 3K including the latest R Moss translation. -MichaelK
08-01 14:11 I had visited here earlier this year to read ROTK & the reader notes & loved it. - MichaelK
08-01 14:08 Greeting, Rocky III. Very nice to hear from you. - MichaelK
08-01 07:29 That feature will come after the game goes online, which will be around this September.
08-01 07:28 I am working to allow the input of reader notes as well.
08-01 07:28 This website has notes from readers, which are great to look at things at different angles.
08-01 07:27 Moss Roberts version is excellent. I love it.
08-01 07:26 Thank you, MK. I am working to restructure this website.
07-31 20:49 And yeah, wow: Next to the Robert Moss Unabridged ed. this site reigns & in some ways is better. MK
07-31 20:47 Excuse me, it appears the correct individual to thank is Khang Nguyen. So, thanks! - MichaelK
07-31 14:41 This site has many desirable features & is epic; shame some no longer work. - MichaelK
07-31 14:39 Hi, same person as last post. Reg doesn*t seem to work so call me MichaelK.
07-31 14:33 I have the Moss Roberts trnsltn but appreciate this C.H. B-W version in HTML. Thanks, Rocky 3!
07-29 09:37 Yes, this site has many readers. It*s been 25 years.
07-28 21:04 yes i read everyday
07-28 18:58 fa zheng
07-28 17:39 do people even use this site?
07-28 17:39 this has proven to be quite nice
07-28 17:39 nice
07-27 11:46 Hi. Welcome to ThreeKingdoms.com
07-26 06:21 hello
07-24 19:39 free and nice
07-23 08:04 Thank you. Please share and visit often.
07-23 07:17 Incredible site. First time discovering this.
07-22 01:07 Surname comes first, and given name last. Or are you confused with something else?
07-22 00:38 hi, I*m so confused with their surname
07-19 07:28 Hi, welcome to ThreeKingdoms.com
07-18 09:31 hi
07-14 10:47 Not yet. I will test it in late August and early September.
07-14 04:07 Where is game?
07-12 01:31 Thank you very much. There will be more by the end of this year.
07-11 23:21 I am a regular visitor to this site and I truly treasure the work you have put into this site!
07-09 14:27 dfssdffds
07-08 17:28 I will test the game in early September.
07-08 17:28 One map can have hundreds of players.
07-08 17:27 It is like a board game, but it is huge.
07-08 12:30 what is this web game ?
07-08 05:42 f
07-05 06:22 So glad you enjoy the book. Please visit often.
07-04 00:25 wow i cannot believe this full book is available online what a great treasure [3
07-03 08:02 I do not know the name of mobile games yet. There will be more info.
07-03 08:02 Thank you very much.
07-03 04:00 [Also looking forward for the androis game, what will be the name???]
07-03 03:59 Im so happy to be able to communicate to you. It*s an honor! [Reader from Indonesia]
07-03 01:43 I*m very excited for the web game! Keep up the awesome work you*re doing!
07-01 23:32 Yes, I am.
07-01 13:15 Btw are you khang nguyen? Haha [a reader from Indonesia]
06-27 10:56 So, I am half way done with the web game.
06-27 10:55 When the progress reaches 100%, Android game is ready.
06-27 10:55 When the progress reaches 80%, iOS game is ready.
06-27 10:52 When the progress reaches 60%, web game is released.
06-27 10:52 Happy to report, the game is 33% done.
06-27 06:47 Thank you. Great to see you. Please visit often.
06-26 15:21 Hi, i*m from China! You are doing a great job!
06-21 10:52 You are very welcome. We are connected again soon.
06-20 14:15 [written on 20 June 2022], a reader from Indonesia.
06-20 14:14 I wish all the best for the contributors on this website who came here before me.
06-20 14:13 [cont] It*s just amazing that this novel could connect us through time.
06-20 14:12 Thank you so much for this great online novel. This forum was opened around 20 years ago. Amazing.
06-12 01:49 We will all have fun again, Ark.
06-11 12:28 Ooo, that*s so sexy! Thank you for your hard work
06-09 07:09 Yes, it is. It is 30% complete now. I guess I will test it on September.
06-08 22:47 Is the game back?
06-08 15:59 good work thank you
06-08 06:57 The link you clicked is the old game v1.0
06-08 06:57 Perhaps this September will debut.
06-08 06:56 I am writing the game, new version ROTK 3.0
06-07 06:40 Heyo! I noticed that there*s a game, but it leads to an error page. Is the game up on your site? :0
06-02 23:59 Thanks. You are very welcome. Please visit often.
06-02 20:34 three kingdoms is awesome
06-02 12:34 Thank you for this wonderful website! It*s proving extremely helpful
06-01 07:56 You are very welcome. We are old buddies!
05-30 20:34 You are an important part of this story, thanks a lot.
05-30 20:34 Now I*m working on my own translation, from Chinese into Portuguese.
05-30 20:33 Then I went to college to study History and later Chinese Language and Literature.
05-30 20:33 It was thanks to you guys that I first had contact with the Three Kingdoms almost 20 years ago.
05-29 12:52 Hello, welcome to Three Kingdoms.
05-29 08:07 hi
05-26 10:51 But it does have a chat. Great, isn*t it?
05-25 19:41 this is a static page - it doesn*t take messages
05-25 19:40 test
05-24 09:58 Hi, Jeff.
05-24 02:34 jeff
05-23 06:25 Yeah, you are right. I just fixed the picture on the Beginning Song.
05-23 03:18 i don*t know if it*s just me but none of the images are loading
05-21 20:39 jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj
05-21 14:14 You are very welcome. Please visit often.
05-20 15:15 Thank you for your hard work presenting this site and for helping me choose a printed version!
05-19 07:27 You are very welcome.
05-19 01:28 Thank you for such an incredible website
05-15 00:16 Qin yuliu
05-13 23:08 which tells you about the history of this novel.
05-13 23:07 Below you can find a link to ~Commentary~,
05-13 22:39
05-13 14:22 Thanks for sharing all this ancient knowledge!
05-12 11:17 this is the greatest website i*ve been visiting about Sanguo .
05-12 11:12 who is the writer of ~romance of three kingdoms~?
05-12 04:49 Thank you very much. And thanks for visiting.
05-12 03:41 guandu
05-11 09:17 Very very nice website
05-10 04:43 Hello, welcome.
05-10 03:38 m
05-08 14:28 hi
05-08 03:15 You are welcome. Please visit often.
05-07 21:25 this is a great website thank you all
05-07 06:07 Hello, Choko. Welcome to the chat.
05-07 04:16 Meh-ish translation.
05-06 14:31 yolo
05-05 14:04 what
05-05 04:27 Yeah, the chat feature is new.
05-04 05:12 The Tale of the Heike
05-03 19:57 I dont remember this feature
05-03 19:57 woahhh
04-28 14:08 You are very welcome. Thank you for visiting.
04-28 12:15 I just wanted to express my thanks for you designing this website as a quick reference.
04-28 07:59 A manga series. hihi, I got it. Cool!
04-28 07:57 Ya Boy! Kongming?
04-28 04:27 *wonders how many people are actually going to end up here because of Ya Boy! Kongming*
04-26 13:34 Indeed, it is a good book. Thanks for recommending it.
04-25 03:47 would recommend
04-25 03:47 good book, enjoyed it alot
04-23 05:24 Thank you. Please come again.
04-23 03:43 wtf
04-23 00:31 lol
04-22 15:45 thank you for making this site, it contains a lot of useful information. best regards
04-22 15:44 hi this does look like an ad
04-22 05:51 it*s a cool tool for us to meet and chat.
04-22 05:49 I*m sorry. When I designed it, I didn*t think about that.
04-21 08:38 This chat looks like an ad
04-21 03:50 Hi there.
04-21 03:27 hello
04-21 02:00 Hello there. Thanks for visiting.
04-20 09:42 hi
04-20 09:41 hi
04-17 20:23 No, I don*t. This website is about an era much earlier, about 200 AD.
04-17 02:43 Have anything on General Yang Ye of the Northern Song/Yuan Dynasty?
04-16 08:58 Hi, thanks for visiting. I am working to restore the reders* notes.
04-16 03:01 hello hello
04-12 11:43 Hello.
04-11 21:59 Hello
04-06 08:57 Hello, friends. Welcome to the new chat.
04-06 08:54 Test chat